A Beauty Queen And A Sextape

Its a delicate world we live in guys, and its getting more delicate by the moment. A world where pretty much everything we write or say, triggers an outrage and is sometimes depicted as either racist, or sexist, or “homo-sexist” or Homophobic, or politically motivated or something else. But the bottom line is that with every step you take, someone is always out there, feet out, just waiting for you to step on their toes!

Sorry guys, but I have been away for a while, because sometimes blogging (Not news recycling) actually requires that you take time out to explore and investigate your immediate environment. This way, you get to learn new stuff… And of course, some of us have to actually work too. Its not free keeping your site up, so it requires that we need to actually make some money etc, you get the idea. Bottom line is we are back and we are ready to roll :))

Guys who follow me regularly would understand that my stand on homosexuality is pretty much neutral. I don’t hate queers, but I simply see them as misguided individuals. Most importantly, I see them as people as well, misguided people. In my opinion, sexuality issues aside, they are as cool as the next guy, or girl. In other words, I am not homophobic but I am not really cool with the concept either.

A couple of days ago, a video emerged of someone, who was presumed to be the recently crowned Miss Anambra, Okeke Chidinma and another lady, “Miss Ada”, having sex… Oh, and a third cast too, a cucumber! Yup! You heard me right, a cucumber (Cucumis sativus). Simply put, a young lady who is supposed to be a role model to hundreds and thousands of Anambra ladies, was allegedly caught having sex on camera with another lady, and using a vegetable! Naughty!!

This is some pretty “amazing” stuff, of course, not in a good way. And naturally, Ms Okeke has taken to social media to debunk the claims that she was actually a cast in the said video. She had this to say, “My attention has been drawn to a concocted photograph/ video being circulated in the social media wherein my face was superimposed on an existing picture of persons engaging amorous conduct through the art of photo shopping. This act is perpetrated by hoodlums who are out to blackmail me or tarnish my image and promising career by presenting me in bad light. I wish to say that the said image is certainly not mine by any stretch of imagination”

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Well, if this statement is true, the “blackmailers” must have gone through quite a great deal of trouble in getting this done and trying to tarnish this young damsel’s image, while earning nothing in the end.

I looked at some of the comments and I ended up with some really interesting views.

One guy said,”Well, this is very bad for Chidima. But can this act be the work of these Photoshop guys? If it is, she then if I were her I would just make some millions from this madness of theirs.” That’s a very intelligent point…This person encourages the Beauty Queen to make money from the raving controversy, which seems to be putting her image on the line. Wise words! Its like burning down your insured home, just to receive the insurance money! Close enough, get paid when your personality is on the line.

Another guy said, “…you cannot photoshop a video. Check the golden bangle you wore on the day you were made Miss Anambra, you still wore it in that video…..so what answer do you have for that?” In my opinion, this person believes there can never be two same bangles that look alike…After all, no one ever tried to mass produce bangles. I would have been satisfied with this guy’s opinion if he had made any reference to any distinguishable characters on her body because I don’t think I would be interested in drawing any hasty conclusions based on a piece of fashion item!

Now I know why some women buy cucumber always“, said another guy… Yeah, how smart! So, ladies now go to the market to get two sets of groceries! One for the family consumption and the other for sexual pleasure… Please join me in congratulating this guy for bringing this to the light and remind me never to eat a salad prepared by a lady anymore.

Then another person said, “WTF Just start acting porn movies and that cucumber is not that big use a bigger one“. Well, I am no expert in agriculture and neither am I a gynaecologist but the cucumber looks large enough to me… Perhaps, since we are in need of something larger, he might as well have suggested she tried a tuber of yam, since this is how far a cucumber could go in size.

There lots of comments around the internet and I want everyone to understand that there are two issues at stake here (If she was actually involved in this video) . First is the issue of her sexuality and then there is the issue of her privacy. I am interested in the latter.

I have always taken a personal stand against ladies taking and sharing their nude pictures with their boyfriends and vice versa. So you can guess my opinion on making sextapes. What happens behind closed doors should remain behind closed doors. Its certainly a shame when stuff that should remain private are exposed. Its always scandalous. Jennifer Lawrence, Rihanna, and lots of other American Celebs had their phones hacked at one time all had their phones hacked and their nudes went public… I still don’t understand why people never learn. Having your nudes taken or being part of a sex video means your business could be out there at anytime and then it becomes everybody’s business!


In my opinion, given enough pressure and lots of concentration, you can always pick holes in a story filled with lies. So let’s see what we have here. We have a young, beautiful, probably smart Ms Okeke, who earlier said that her “face was superimposed” on the said video, come out and say her “blackmailers” are threatening her life.


Honestly, I think blackmailers need a form of leverage over you, which in this case, we could say is this said video. So, how do you gain leverage over someone, when they are not the ones in the video? Oh! I remember, she said it was “Photoshopped”. Seriously, how did they succeed in getting your voice at the same time while they had your face moaning in pleasure?! How about your Personal Assistant/Friend Ada, was she photoshopped too?

In my opinion, all parties in this video were/are consenting adults and they were all aware that this video was being made but what Ms Okeke and “Ada” are unaware of is that they have just become victims of a crime called Revenge Porn! Revenge porn, also known as non-consensual pornography, is the distribution of one or more sexually explicit photos of someone else, without the subject’s permission. It carries a jail term too. I guess they won’t know this because girls don’t read anymore!

For those of you who don’t know, in Nigeria, “Homosexuality” has been illegal under federal law since 1901! Yep, It has been illegal even before the nation was conceived! And according to Wikipedia, “Both male and female same-sex sexual activity is illegal in Nigeria. The maximum punishment in the twelve northern states that have adopted Shari’a law is death by stoning. That law applies to all Muslims and to those who have voluntarily consented to application of the Shari’a courts. In southern Nigeria and under the secular criminal laws of northern Nigeria, the maximum punishment for same-sex sexual activity is 14 years’ imprisonment. The Same-Sex Marriage Prohibition Act criminalises all forms of same-sex unions and same-sex marriage throughout the country.”