Zephany Nurse Baby-Snatcher Jailed In South Africa

A South African court has jailed a woman for 10 years for kidnapping a baby from her hospital bed 19 years ago and raising her as her own.

The 51-year-old woman was arrested in 2015 after people noticed an uncanny resemblance between the girl, Zephany Nurse, and another girl at school.

DNA tests carried out by police then proved that the two girls were sisters.

Judge John Hlophe told the defendant she had “betrayed” Zephany by her actions.

The kidnapped girl’s biological parents, Celeste and Morne Nurse, called her Zephany, but the name she grew up with has not been revealed to protect her identity.

The convicted woman has also not been named for similar reasons.

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Local media have previously reported that Zephany does not wish to have a relationship with her biological parents and considers the woman who kidnapped her as her mother.

She has decided to continue living with her abductor’s husband, whom she grew up believing to be her father.

Outside the court, Zephany’s biological grandmother Marilyn said she was not happy with the length of the sentence, but hoped that the family would now have a chance to bond and form a relationship with Zephany.

The judge told the accused she had had “all the time in the world” to return the child but had chosen not to.

Annual local media coverage of the parents’ birthday celebrations for their missing baby daughter meant that there was no way the defendant could not have known they were still looking for her, he said.

He also said her decision to plead not guilty and portray herself as a victim in the affair counted against her.

It is a story that has gripped South Africa, but now finally has some form of closure.


The 52-year old woman convicted of kidnapping Zephany Nurse watched stone-faced as the judge handed down his sentence.

Members of the Nurse family and the family of the accused packed the Cape Town courthouse.

Delivering his ruling, Judge Hlope criticised the woman for lying to the court during the trial.

He dismissed as “a fairytale” her claim that the baby girl had been handed to her by another woman at a railway station.

The soft-spoken seamstress raised Zephany as her own, just a few kilometres from the home of her biological parents.

The Nurse family’s victory in court is bittersweet.

The woman responsible for Zephany’s kidnap may be behind bars, but their daughter has decided to continue living with the husband of the woman who kidnapped her.


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Japan’s Emperor Akihito Hints At Wish To Abdicate

Japan’s Emperor Akihito has said he fears age and deteriorating health mean he is finding it difficult to continue in his role.

The revered 82-year-old emperor’s comments came in his second-ever televised address to the public.

While he did not use the word “abdicate”, he strongly indicated that he wishes to hand over his duties.

PM Shinzo Abe said the government would take the remarks “seriously” and discuss what could be done.

Akihito, who has had heart surgery and was treated for prostate cancer, has been on the throne in Japan since the death of his father, Hirohito, in 1989.

In his 10-minute pre-recorded message, he said he had “started to reflect” on his years as as emperor, and contemplate his position in the years to come.

If he were to abdicate, it would be the first time a Japanese emperor has stepped down since Emperor Kokaku in 1817.

The BBC’s Rupert Wingfield-Hayes in Tokyo says right wing nationalists who support Mr Abe’s government do not want any change to the current law, which insists emperors must serve until they die.

“While, being in the position of the emperor, I must refrain from making any specific comments on the existing imperial system, I would like to tell you what I, as an individual, have been thinking about.

Ever since my accession to the throne, I have carried out the acts of the emperor in matters of state, and at the same time I have spent my days searching for and contemplating on what is the desirable role of the emperor, who is designated to be the symbol of the state by the constitution of Japan. As one who has inherited a long tradition, I have always felt a deep sense of responsibility to protect this tradition.

At the same time, in a nation and in a world which are constantly changing, I have continued to think to this day about how the Japanese imperial family can put its traditions to good use in the present age and be an active and inherent part of society, responding to the expectations of the people.”

Emperor Akihito said he he hoped the duties of the emperor as a symbol of the state could continue steadily without any breaks.

He said one possibility when an emperor could not fulfil his duties because of age or illness was that a regency could be established.

But he suggested this was not the ideal outcome, saying: “I think it is not possible to continue reducing perpetually the emperor’s acts in matters of state and his duties as the symbol of the state.”

Akihito’s eldest son, 56-year-old Crown Prince Naruhito is first in line to the Chrysanthemum throne, followed by his younger brother Prince Akishino. Women are not allowed to inherit the throne and so Princess Aiko, the daughter of Crown Prince Naruhito, cannot succeed her father.

Immediately after, Mr Abe said he took the fact the emperor had spoken to the people of Japan “seriously”.

“Upon reflecting how he handles his official duty and so on, his age and the current situation of how he works, I do respect the heavy responsibility the emperor must be feeling and I believe we need to think hard about what we can do.”

Abdication is not mentioned under existing laws, so they would need to be changed for the emperor to be able to stand down. The changes will also have to be approved by parliament.

The emperor is constitutionally not allowed to make any political statements, and the desire to abdicate could be seen as being political.

The public seems to support the emperor’s desire to abdicate, with the younger generation in particular saying he should be allowed to relax in his old age.

A recent survey by the Kyodo news agency found more than 85% saying abdication should be legalised.

But the move is opposed by some more conservative sections of society.

A debate about whether or not a woman would be able to ascend the throne was discussed in 2006 when the emperor had no grandsons, but was postponed after a boy was born to a family.

Prince Akishino also called for a debate on whether a retirement age should be set for the Emperor in 2011, but it did not result in a law change.


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Turkey Failed Coup Of July 15 Cost Turkey Close To $100b

Bulent Tufenkci, Turkish Customs and Trade Minister, said on Tuesday in Istanbul that the failed coup of July 15 has cost Turkey at least 99.9 billion dollars in damages.

He said that the damages include destroyed buildings, military equipment, decline in orders abroad for goods and a drop in tourism. Tufenkci said it was so unfortunate that the coup plotters had tried to create an image that Turkey is a “third world country.

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The minister said photos of tanks on the streets during the night of the putsch attempt were posted all over the city. He, however, also noted resilience in the local economy, including the quick reopening of the stock exchange. “The lira has also recovered some of its loses. “During the peak of concern over the coup, the lira had dropped from about 2.87 to the dollar to 3.09. It is now trading at just below 3 to the dollar,’’ he said.

Tufenkci noted that the standard and poor rating by agencies downgraded Turkey after the coup, citing concerns not only over the economy itself but also checks and balances. The minister announced that Turkey is currently in the middle of a 90-day state of emergency.
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Donald Trump Warns Vote Could Be ‘Rigged’

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has suggested that the November election could be “rigged”.

He told a rally in Columbus, Ohio, that he had heard “more and more” that the contest would be unfair. He offered no immediate evidence.

At another event he called Democratic rival Hillary Clinton “the devil”.

Mr Trump has come under fire from across the political divide for remarks he made about the parents of a US Muslim soldier killed in action.

On the forthcoming vote, he told supporters “I’m afraid the election is going to be rigged, I have to be honest”.

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He later repeated the claim on Fox News, adding “I hope the Republicans are watching closely or it’s going to be taken away from us.”

Mr Trump has made similar comments before in relation to the Democratic race, suggesting the party fixed its system to favour nominee Hillary Clinton over her challenger Bernie Sanders.

Earlier this year, he also complained the Republican primary system was also “rigged” amid party efforts to stop his march to the candidacy.

Correspondents say Mr Trump could be trying to capitalise on voters’ distrust of establishment institutions, or lay the groundwork should he lose the election.

At another rally in Pennsylvania, he took the unprecedented step of directly calling Mrs Clinton “the devil”.

He attacked Mr Sanders for capitulating in the Democratic race, saying he “made a deal with the devil. She’s the devil.”

Democrats and Republicans alike have condemned Mr Trump for his remarks about the parents of US Army Capt Humayun Khan, who was killed by a car bomb in 2004 in Iraq, at the age of 27.

Former Republican presidential candidate John McCain became the latest senior figure in the party to criticise Mr Trump for his attacks.

Senator McCain, a veteran of the Vietnam War, said in a strongly worded statement that Mr Trump did not have “unfettered licence to defame the best among us”.

The soldier’s parents, Khizr Khan and his wife Ghazala, told the BBC it was time to stand up to Mr Trump but he accused them of “viciously” attacking him.

Mr Trump had caused controversy by suggesting Ghazala Khan had been prevented from speaking alongside her husband at the Democratic convention last week.

In another development, American billionaire businessman Warren Buffett challenged Mr Trump to release his tax returns.

Mr Trump has said that they cannot be made public until the financial authorities have completed an audit.

But Mr Buffett said there were no rules against showing tax returns and allowing people to ask questions about them.


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ICAI CA Intermediate (IPC) Exam 2016 Result Today, Here’s How To Check It

The Institute of Chartered Accountant of India (ICAI) is likely to announce the results of the Chartered Accountants Intermediate Integrated Professional Competence (IPC) examination on Tuesday at around 4pm. The examination was held in May. The institute will also declare the merit list of candidates securing a minimum of 55% marks in the examination, up to a maximum of 50th rank (on all-India basis).

Candidates can check their results on the ICAI results website .

Steps to check the results:

1) Go to the ICAI results website

2) Click on the link for Intermediate (IPC) results to go to the log in page

3) Enter roll number and registration number/pin number

4) Click on submit and result will be displayed on the screen

5) Take a printout for future reference.

How to get results through email:

Candidates have to register their email IDs at the official website of ICAI. (Registration process began on July 27)

The results will be sent to the candidates immediately after declaration.

How to get results and marks through SMS:

Candidates will have to type

“CAINTER<space><six digit IPC examination roll number of the candidate>” and send it to 58888. This number is valid for all mobile service providers and networks.

Example: CAINTER 304861

Nude Pictures Of Donald Trump’s Wife Melania Posing Nude For Men’s Magazine When She Was 25 Surface

Former model stripped off years before meeting her billionaire husband.

Donald Trump is not going to be happy – his model wife’s scandalous past has been exposed.

Three years before she met her husband, potential First Lady Melania Trump took part in a racy photoshoot that saw her pose completely naked.

One particularly raunchy photo sees the former model baring her boobs while protecting her modesty with her hands.

According to The New York Post, the pictures were shot by photographer Jarl Alé Alexandre de Basseville back in 1995. In an interview with The Post, he revealed that the pictures were supposed to celebrate the star’s “beauty”.

“Melania was super-great and a fantastic personality and she was very kind with me, I think it is important to show the beauty and the freedom of the woman.
“I am very proud of these pictures because they celebrate Melania’s beauty,” he added.

A selection of other racy images from the shoot apparently show Melania lying naked in bed with another blonde model. Melania rose to fame at the age of 17 when a shoot with acclaimed photographer Jerko catapulted her into the spotlight, leading to a contract with Italian model agency ID in Milan.

She graced the world’s catwalks and magazines, and famously appeared naked on the front of British GQ magazine in a shoot on Trump’s customised Boeing 727.

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Russian Helicopter Shot Down, Killing Five On Board

Five Russians on board a military helicopter were killed when it was shot down by rebels in northern Syria, Russia has said.

The Mi-8 transporter came down in Idlib province. It was carrying three crew and two officers, Russia’s defence ministry said.

The helicopter was returning from delivering humanitarian aid to the besieged city of Aleppo, it said.

It is not clear which group brought the helicopter down.

An alliance of rebel groups, including hardline jihadist factions, is the dominant power in Idlib.

Pictures on social media purportedly of the latest Russian helicopter downing showed burning wreckage and bodies, with armed men milling around.

Footage showed at least one body being dragged away. Another is seen apparently being trampled on.

This is the single worst loss of life for Russia since it launched its air offensive in Syria in support of President Assad towards the end of last year.

Moscow says the helicopter was not involved in a military mission, but was delivering humanitarian aid.

That claim may be open to question as Russia has mostly used its air power to back military offensives by pro-government forces in Aleppo and elsewhere. But it will further inflame feelings in Russia against rebels in Syria. Moscow has repeatedly said it sees little distinction between the rebels in terms of brutality and extremism.

Graphic images posted online of the aftermath of the incident will add fuel to the fire.

Russia is a key backer of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and is supporting pro-government forces with air strikes on rebels.

Government forces cut off rebel-held eastern parts of Aleppo last month.

Russia and Syria announced the opening of what they called humanitarian corridors for civilians and rebels wanting to surrender, but few people are reported to have used them, fearing they would be targeted.

Opposition activists have dismissed as a lie Russian claims that 160 civilians had left rebel-held districts.

The United Nations has warned that basic supplies for the around a quarter of a million people who live in besieged areas will last only three weeks.

On Sunday, rebel groups south of Aleppo launched a push to try to break the siege, in what observers said was one of the biggest counter-offensives in months.

In a further reminder of the plight of civilians in Aleppo, it has emerged that a child star of a popular TV sitcom filmed in the city has been killed in the violence.


The comedy, Um Abdou the Aleppan, has been likened to I Love Lucy, the American series involving a housewife frequently at odds with her husband.

Fourteen-year-old Qusai Abtini played the husband in Um Abdou the Aleppan, which is produced in rebel-held districts, has a cast comprised entirely of children and takes a wry look at everyday life in the city.

Qusai Abtini’s father decided in early July to evacuate his children, but the car his son was riding in was reportedly hit by a missile.


Credit: BBC & AlJazeera