Opinion: Indecent Dressing As A New Fashion Trend For Nigerian Ladies

Its no more news that “modernization” (Or Westernization) has reached Africa, but the question is, “Is Africa ready for “modernization”? I really can’t speak for the whole of Africa but I am quite sure I could speak on behalf of a few smart Nigerians. Today, let’s have a look at what “brand” of fashion, “modernization” has brought along, especially with the ladies. Let’s have a look at this trend. Does a lady really need to dress “indecently”, in order to be “trendy”?

Modernization brought along a whole lot of changes and for the love of all that is holy, “modernization” is still evolving, with new trends every day! I would explain: If you watch a 60s video (or magazine), you would notice its remarkably different from what you get when you watch an 80s video. While in the 60s, we were cool with Gilligan’s Island, we had to deal with Baywatch in the 80s. BAM!! Semi-Nudity hit us square in the face, right out of nowhere.

indecent dressing4

These days, it’s not unusual to find a girl half naked walking down the streets, or a lady bucket naked, having a drink in a party and dressed on something completely transparent. Sure, this is exactly how far we have come. “Fashion morality” is pretty much at its lowest ebb, for lack of a better word, maybe we should say “rock bottom”. Why would a woman just decide to step out in public, dressed in her birthday suit is certainly beyond reasoning.


In defence of this alarming trend, most ladies claim its “sexy”! I don’t get it, so some random bloke sees 90% of your titties and compliments you by saying, “You look gorgeous”… Who told you that you can’t look good if you dress properly! Thinking you look sexy by dressing half naked is a complete insult to your thinking and an abuse to women in general.

indecent dressing5

Trust me, no sane smart Nigerian guy would like to get married to a loose chick, let alone one who with an appalling reputation for her style of dressing, none. Even if they are blinded by what they see, the average Nigerian mother-in-law has got pretty keen eye sight… Perhaps too keen! So after years of indecent dressing and no husband, these girls wind up in some random church, fighting the devil for their callous mistakes.

The average man is born promiscuous and if a guy marries you strictly on the grounds that he sees lots of tits or your fanciful butt, then trust me, as soon as he sees a firmer pair of tits and tighter butt, your marriage might be Gone with the Wind! So you might want to do yourself a favour and start dressing decently, trust me, the right guy will come along.

indecent dressing3

There are also some who take it up a notch by taking photos of their cleavages and posting them over social media, just to attract petty attention or perhaps, a little more likes on Facebook on Instagram. In my opinion, you guys are the biggest losers. Trust me, you would get the likes, a few one night stands after a few bottles of champagne, but most likely with no spouse.


Let me remind you that anything that goes on the net, never really leaves the net. When you have these “semi-pornographic” pictures of yourself all over the web, some sick, deluded bloke would probably have them saved somewhere and even if you take them down, they have a funny way of showing up when you least expect. Hell, if Kim K’s porno clip is still available for download all over the web, who do you think you are?

Indecent dressing2

If some absurd friend tells you its all good and that its what’s hot in the society now, then you are probably keeping bad company. If you post semi-nude pictures of yourself on the internet, you are even worse than a stripper. Because, when you think of it, the stripper is probably grinding for tips, after all its her job. While you would be snapping half naked for “likes” and “compliments”. It’s not a job, so no one pays you, the stripper gets paid at the end of the day. So who is worse off?

The same goes out to every video vixen out there. If you are going to dress indecently and start shaking your booty on screen for the world to see, at least get paid properly for your shameful effort. However, the best you can actually hope for is to be some rich brat’s play thing. Like the lady trying to steal Musa from Sister Caro. I haven’t seen the tramp in a while!


One day, we might also talk about the guys who are thrilled by the disgusting act of having their trousers pulled down to reveal their ridiculous pairs of boxer shorts, as a trend and a basis for knowing how the average male’s self-esteem has reached its lowest ebb, for lack of a better word, maybe we should say “rock bottom”.

Nigeria isn’t ready for this kind of development, because there are still a lot of us whose parents once taught them how to tie our shoes straight and would like to pass on the virtues of good dressing to the next generation.


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