Americans ‘Smoke Marijuana As Frequently As Cigarettes’ – Especially The Poor Or Those Without A High School Diploma

A survey showed that adults who didn’t obtain a high school diploma made up 19 per cent of all marijuana use in 2012 and 2013.

That percentage was compared to the total adult population, which is only 13 per cent.

The study found that the numbers are similar to their 20 per cent share of all cigarette use, but much higher than their 8 per cent share of all alcohol use.

Americans of all ages with a household income of less than $20,000 made up 29 per cent of all marijuana use and 27 per cent of all cigarette use, the Post reported.

Those percentages were compared to only 13 per cent of all alcohol use and 19 per cent of the total adult population.

Poorer households are spending a high proportion of their income purchasing weed.

Fifteen per cent of the marijuana users spend an entire quarter of their income on pot, the study showed.

Caulkins said in an email to the Post that ‘consumption is highly concentrated among the smaller number of daily & near-daily users, and they tend to be less educated, less affluent, and less in control of their use’.

He added that ‘most people who have used marijuana in the past year are in full control of their use, and are generally happy with that use’.

And as several states continue to liberalize their marijuana policies, arrests over pot have gone down, while purchases have shot up.

Since 2002, the risk of getting arrested for marijuana use has significantly decreased.

In 2013, there was one marijuana arrest for every 1,090 purchases compared to one arrest for every 550 purchases in 2002.

Davenport and Caulkins also concluded that the ‘criminal risk per marijuana transaction has fallen by half’.


Credit: Daily Mail


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