Opinion: Men, Violence and Women

By now, we must have all heard the story of Jackline Mwende and Stephen Ngila Nthenge from Kenya. Well, incase you haven’t then it goes like this: Jackline and Stephen were both married and could not bear kids, so Stephen had to cut off both of Jackline’s arms, while inflicting multiple injuries on her. The irony in this case is that Stephen felt that it’s his right to destroy a “life” because they could not create a “life” together.


In my opinion, God knows the darkess of Stephen’s heart, hence he wouldn’t allow him have any kids of his own. This kind of human being could cut off his child’s hands in order to correct a misdemeanor. The summary of it all, is that Stephen has proved himself to be no more than a beast by his actions, and we all hope he gets what he deserves.

Around the world, women are being treated in the most inhuman of ways by their husbands. This is wrong. The fact of life is that you have to treat your wife the same way you would wish to be treated. Period! Its not so difficult.


We have heard stories of women who have been brutalized or even murdered by their spouses. Honestly, if you find yourself in a relationship with such violent types, you need to let them go, for your safety and possibly the safety of your kids. If you don’t, you might regret it someday. I am not one to advocate “dying in the name of love” but I am pretty sure sticking around an abusive husband isn’t “love”.

If you are out there today, its very likely that God wants me to pass the message across to you. Yes, God can change the hearts of men, but a “Wicked” man is a “wicked” man. He would not change and even if he does, old habits die hard! If your spouse hits you at any opportunity, then he is a dim-witted bully and violent. You need to run, so you don’t end up like Jackline Mwende.

Violent men often suffer from some kind of complex and you honestly won’t expect them to change. Even if they do, they certainly won’t change overnight and God alone knows what might happen to you before they change.

It's my own fault 2.jpg

Yes, women are often not as smart as guys, so when a woman falls short, a verbal correction would be sufficient to do the trick. Unless she’s deaf, but even at that, you need to be patient as a man. Hitting and beating her won’t make her get the message any better than a simple discussion. As a matter of fact, you would only create fear and hatred in some cases, when you hit your spouse. If you don’t love her then why get married in the first place! If you cannot the patient with your partner then you are certainly not ready for marriage!

How would you feel, if your daughter got married to an abusive, violent man, and every time she comes visiting, instead of showing you a new present her hubby got her, she comes with a new scar each time! Its damn ridiculous! No man needs to beat a woman to prove a point!

By continuously beating your wife, your sons would simply grow up to become abusive little brats like their daddy, and beat up their wives at any chance! Lets make the society a better place and stop the violence against women today. They are human beings too.


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