An Open Challenge To The Nigerian Woman

They say, “Its a man’s world”. I guess we all see how well its all turning out. I wish to throw open a challenge to Nigerian women, the time has come for them to stand up and be counted. Over the last few years, women around the globe have been taking giant strides and showing the world the leadership capabilities of women. So why not Nigeria?

While a country like Morocco can boast of previously having a female Mayor in Marrakesh, in the person of Fatima Zahra Mansouri, Germany, Liberia, Lithuania and most recently the UK as well as a number of other countries all have their governments under a female leadership. Why not Nigeria? Nigeria has experienced over 16 years of Democratic rule under men, but look where we are. If the men aren’t getting the job done, maybe we should try the women for a change.

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However, in a country like Nigeria, the “inferiority mentality” displayed by our women is epic, to say the least. There is the general ideology that women are supposed to be house wives and nothing more. Coupled with the fact that the average Nigerian man would likely feel insulted if he is being ruled by a woman is going to make it an uphill task for the modern-day Nigerian Woman to achieve political relevance.

There is also the inborn notion that Politics is a thing for people who pee standing up, which is as a matter of fact not true. Anyone can be involved in politics, provided you are eligible to participate. Politics isn’t gender dependent.

These days, women hardly even watch the news because they believe current issues do not concern them or probably because they feel they are excepted from getting involved in what goes on in this country, because they are women. They prefer to spend their time watching Zee World and Telemundo! Many of them don’t even read the Newspapers, well, except for the Fashion Sections!

If you think the Nigerian Women of these days aren’t achieving much, then you would be dismayed when the girls of today finally become the women of tomorrow! Every girl these days is a makeup artist, or tailor/designer or event planner in Nigeria at the moment. They are all over social media, following the latest trends and gossips but never really giving a damn about the happenings in the political and economic terrain.

It’s about time the Modern day Nigerian Woman realised that the events in our today’s society would affect them directly or indirectly. It is time for women to get actively involved in running this country before we, the men, run it to the ground. Instead of aiming to “star” in a Nollywood Video, think of how best to feature in the Government of the future. Instead of looking for role models in Nikki Minaj, or Blac Chyna or trying to keep up with the Khadashians, try making Ellen Johnson Sirleaf a new role model.

I challenge all Nigerian Women, anyone who feels that she can make a contribution to the development of this country, to come out and if their plans would move the society in the right direction, they can be assured of my vote. A woman in charge in Aso Rock, might just be what we need to turn things for the better in this “Nigeria of Uncertainty”.


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