Wow! US Govt Donates Six Laptops To EFCC

In an odd twist, the United States Government, today donated six Laptop computers to the EFCC during a courtesy visit to the Commission’s Headquarters in Abuja. The Director, Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs, USA, Roselyn Wiase, who led the six man delegation urged the Commission to continue in its vigorous fight against Corruption.

If the US spy movies I have taught me anything, I dare say those computers are most likely bugged! If Edward Snowden’s statements are anything to go by, then there is the distinct possibility that those laptops might somehow be transmitting information straight to the Pentagon as soon as they are turned on! Beware of freebies from the US.

In my opinion, nice try US. We have all seen Mission Impossible and from the look on Magu’s face in the picture below, he is busy saying to himself, “Ewwu, Una think say una get sense, we know every” lol



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