Update On Tornado In Gauteng, South Africa

A tornado hit the area yesterday afternoon injuring twenty people and destroying hundreds of homes. The Gauteng government has sent social workers to Tembisa in the East Rand to try and help residents in the wake of a devastating tornado.

The tornado hit the area yesterday afternoon injuring twenty people and destroying hundreds of homes.

Ekurhuleni mayor Mondli Gungubele and Gauteng Premier David Makhura have spent the morning in the area speaking to residents and assessing the damage to property.

Residents in Tembisa started pleading for help when they saw Makhura and Gungubele approaching.

Makhura says government is doing everything it can and is providing residents with counselling.

“There’s also counselling services and social workers are in the area”

However, EFF leader Julius Malema has shelved his original campaign plans in Tembisa and is instead visiting families affected by the destructive tornado.

He’s spent some time assessing the damage caused by yesterday’s tornado which left 20 people injured, and has now called on government to provide support to those affected as a matter of urgency.

Malema was meant to address a community meeting at the Winnie Mandela Township this afternoon. He says he couldn’t have continued with his campaign after the disaster.

“We had to stop our campaign and give support to our people, to show sympathy and to say to them they are not alone.”

Malema says had government provided proper housing for residents, the damage wouldn’t have been so significant.

“Because they have failed to build houses. As an immediate, urgent intervention, the government must come here and rebuild what has been destroyed.”

He says an EFF branch in the area will lend a helping hand to rebuild some of the houses affected.

Credit: EyeWithness News SA


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