Yvonne Jegede Insults Fans Over Comments On Sagging Breasts

Busty actress, Yvonne Jegede, has recently exchanged harsh words with fans who threw jabs at her over a video she posted.

The actress had posted a video of herself and her friends dancing in a car on her Instagram page @yvonnejegede.

Jegede, who is known for exposing her cleavage on social media received so many negative reactions from her fans who found the video embarrassing.

One of Her fans @kacchy said, “You are exposing saggy breasts.”

Jegede in obvious angst replied by saying: “Where did you leave your brain?”

Another fan @kellywhite6014 lashed at her saying” Please next time make sure u cover your damn weak breast very well.

“What is this world turning to ladies nowadays do not respect their body anymore all in the name of having moron fun! Hiss pls.”

She replied @kellywhite6014 by calling her a retard.

Credit: DailyPost


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