Some Nigerian women are “Wonderful”. Not because of the “good things” they do, but because some of the things they do would make you “Wonder”!

A few days ago, Eunice Olawale was murdered in cold-blood on the streets of Kubwa, and no one said anything! No one demonstrated, and till now no one cares about her kids, apart from a handful of sympathizers who came visiting.

When Dino Melaye insulted Remi Tinubu on the floor of the house, we all condemned the man, but I can’t understand why till now, women are still demonstratating!

Oh! Is Senator Tinubu more important than Eunice Olawale??? Does anyone have any idea how many women have been slaughtered by Herdsmen in Benue, Enugu and Taraba this year alone… and no placard bearing women came to demostrate!

Please these women should stop embarassing themselves and get their priorities straight.


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