Why Do Pokemon GO Servers Keep Going Down?

Pokemon GO servers have struggled to cope with the demand of millions of players logging on around the world.

The servers crashed across Europe and the US on Saturday, as demand for the hit app soared.

The Pokemon Go Twitter account sent out a message on Sunday saying: “The issues causing the server problems have been identified.

“Trainers should once again be able to search for Pokemon in the real world.”

The game was released less than two weeks ago but has already become a gaming phenomenon.

There are a number of reasons why servers fail, but in the case of Pokemon GO players this has been due to sheer demand. Servers, like any other computer, only have the power to deal with a specific number of actions at a single time before their systems are overwhelmed.

In this case, the sheer number of people who want to play Pokemon GO overwhelmed the servers, and many gamers were shown error messages.

The problem is usually solved by turning on more servers. If the existing numbers of servers are not adequate, installing new ones lessens the pressure on them.

The popularity of the game has surprised most people. It’s the first mainstream augmented reality hit, so even people who weren’t fans of Pokemon are trying it out.

The good weather over the weekend may also have encouraged more people than usual to use the game, as it relies on users exploring the outside world with their smartphones.

Credit: SkyNews


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