The Turkey Coup Purge

More than 15,000 education staff in Turkey have been suspended after last week’s failed coup, as a purge of state officials widens still further.

The ministry of education accused them of links to Fethullah Gulen, a US-based cleric the Turkish government says was behind Friday’s uprising.

Mr Gulen denies any involvement.

More than 1,500 university deans have also been ordered to resign and the licences of 21,000 teachers working at private institutions revoked. The US said it had received documents on Mr Gulen from Turkey and was reviewing them to see if they constituted a formal extradition request, as Turkey has said it will seek.

6,000 military personnel have been arrested, with more than two dozen generals awaiting trial

Nearly 9,000 police officers have been sacked

Close to 3,000 judges have been suspended

Some 1,500 employees of Turkey’s finance ministry have been dismissed

492 have been fired from the Religious Affairs Directorate

8 Turkish soldiers seeking political asylum in Greece

More than 250 staff in Mr Yildirim’s office have been removed

Turkey’s media regulation body on Tuesday also revoked the licenses of 24 radio and TV channels accused of links to Mr Gulen.

The removal of thousands of officials has alarmed international observers, with the UN urging Turkey to uphold the rule of law and defend human rights.

According to official figures from the prime minister’s office, Friday night’s coup attempt left 232 people dead and 1,541 wounded.


Credit: BBC


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