EU Visa-Free Deal Will ‘FALL APART If Ankara Adopts Death Penalty’

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s government has made thousands of arrests following a failed military coup attempt in the country last week.

Erdogan warned that “those who attempt a coup in must pay”. He added: We will continue to cleanse the virus from all state institutions, because this virus has spread.

“Unfortunately like a cancer, this virus has enveloped the state.”

The EU sealed a controversial deal with Turkey in March, intended to halt migration flows to Europe in return for visa-free travel.

But European Commissioner Guenther Oettinger said the deal hangs in the balance after furious Turkish people called for those taking part in the coup to be given the death penalty. Oettinger said: “The draft law on ending visa requirements for Turks is being debated in the European Parliament right now.

“But I predict that we won’t have regulation on visa-free travel before the end of the year.”

Oettinger, an ally to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, criticised Ankara’s calls to reinstate the death penalty for plotters of the coup. He added: “The death penalty is irreconcilable with our order of values and our treaties. No country can become a member state of the EU if it introduces the death penalty.”

More than 200 people were killed in the bloody battle as nearly 20,000 members of the police, civil service, judiciary and army were detained and suspended in the aftermath.

Horrific photos have emerged of scores of Turkish soldiers stripped to their underwear and beaten.

turk soldiers

The soldiers are stripped of their uniforms and made to wear handcuffs in an indoor basketball court in Sirnak, in the southeast of the country.



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