South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma is yet to comment on photos of him and a 19-year-old woman sharing intimate moments. According to a Facebook post by Lindokuhle Dlamini, Zuma was more than a sponsor to her because they were in love too.


She said, “He is not just a blesser, we are in love and I am grateful for all that he has done for me, much love. Xo xo,”. The word “blesser”, or sugar daddy, is a common phrase in South Africa, meaning an older man who gives a younger woman money or gifts in exchange for sex.

South African media reported that people contacted them saying the girl was just his daughter but some wondered how such a funny relationship could exist between a father and his child.

Zuma, so far, has six wives each married after an interval of two years. By 2012, he had 20 children as well as seven others born to women who are neither his wives or fiancees.

If Lindokuhle’s facebook comments are true, then Jacob Zuma (I think we can simply call him Jake for now) who is 74, is actually dating a girl young enough to be his grand daughter! Will she be calling him “baby”?


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