Portugal’s unlikely hero, Ederzito Antonio Macedo Lopes, simply known as Eder, is in jubilant mood, but the reality of his father’s plight blights his feelings as he savours his Euro 2016 feat.

Just seven days ago, the Guinea-Bissau-born striker netted a historic 109th minute winner against host France to earn his adopted country, Portugal its first ever continental football title.

Since then, Eder had enjoyed an unprecedented career spotlight and was a guest on a Portuguese national TV on Thursday night where he sensationally revealed his dad was almost completing a 16 year-jail term for murdering his wife, who incidentally is Eder’s step mum.

“My dad is in prison in the UK. Since I was 12. My step-mum died and he was accused of killing her. Every time I had holiday, I would go to England to see him,” Eder spilled the beans he had covered even during his days with Swansea City, an English Premiership campaigner.

A victim of broken marriage, Eder further revealed that it was his mum who brought him from Guinea-Bissau to Portugal.

“I came to Portugal with my mum from Guinea-Bissau.

“My dad was already in Portugal. There was a moment when my dad came to my mum’s house and ended up taking me with him and I went to live for some time with my dad. After that I was put into the college.”

He further revealed his school bills at the college were paid for by the Portuguese government because his parents did not have the means of sending him to a better school.

Still single at 28, Eder also revealed the immediate plans of getting married.

Credit: Tribune


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