Pokemon Go servers appear to have crashed, leaving millions unable to play the augmented reality game. When users try to play the game they are greeted by a message that says: “Our servers are humbled by your incredible response. We are working to resolve the issue. Please try again soon!”


App developer Niantic said on their website: “Due to the incredible number of Pokémon GO downloads, some Trainers are experiencing server connectivity issues. Don’t worry, our team is on it!”.Users across Europe and the US have complained they are unable to access the game, or that it is regularly freezing. Players began to report problems with the game shortly after 2pm.


A hacking group named PoodleCorp has claimed responsibility for taking down the Pokemon Go servers through a denial of service (DDOS) attack. The problems follow the US launch of the game earlier this month, which caused servers to crash due to overwhelming demand. The game was launched in the UK on Thursday.

All servers are understood to be down, and no estimated time when the game will be made available again has yet been given in official communications from Nintendo or Pokemon GO.
The incident is one of many international news items relating to Pokemon Go since the launch of the game earlier this month.
A man crashed his car into a tree in New York on Friday, later admitting to police he had been distracted by the game. On Thursday two men in San Diego fell off a cliff after they climbed over a fence in an attempt to catch the animated characters.


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