I am a lover of women. The reason is simple. I grew up in the midst of girls(now women). Apart from this fact, I have come to recognize women as the weaker sex who should be treated with care,caution and respect. Therefore, don’t blame me for being biased by the time you finish reading this riposte.

Senator Dino Melaye’s recent altercation with Senator Oluremi Tinubu, formerly 1st Lady of Lagos State and married to Nigeria’s icon of opposition politics- Senator Ahmed Tinubu is the reason for this short piece.

Almost at the same time Senator Melaye was threatening to beat up her colleague, another woman by the name Theresa May emerged as the Prime Minster of United Kingdom. By this act, she joins the league of other amazons namely, the Mayor Of Rome-Virginia Raggi, Angela Merkel of Germany, Hillary Clinton(likely to be elected America’s President), and President Dilma Rouseff of Brazil. What a pity.

Senator Melaye is a Misogynist,i.e because he hates, dislikes, mistrusts and mistreats women. This conclusion isn’t far fetched at all. Afterall, the same Dino Melaye, whilst being a member of the House of Representatives, lured a popular Yoruba actress into his home, got her pregnant,infected her with VD and disowned the poor lady and her baby.

Further, about the same time, our distinguished Hon got into a fight with a fellow rep member by name Nkiru Onyeagocha(another woman) and got his clothes torn into shreads by the no no-nonsense lady. Pictures of this fight are already on the social media.

In addition, Nigerians would recall that this same dishonorable element while contributing to a debate urging Nigerians to patronize Nigerian Made Goods said Nigerians should patronize Nigerian made women instead of paying foreign dowry on Tokunko women like Oshiomole’s wife. This statement drew the ire of Governor Oshiomole who lashed our senator for being rude and disrespectful.

Instead of apologizing for his rude statements against Senator Tinubu, the weakling further justified his conduct by retorting that “how can he impregnate a woman who has reached menopause?” Is this not the height of irresponsibility? Further defending himself, Dino Melaye said he rather prefer to impregnate a more rotund woman like senator Adaeze Stella Oduah!

Now the point I am trying to make is that a man who resorts to beastly behavior of cursing or throwing punches whenever there is an altercation with a woman lacks self control. As ladies would say, such man is not “man enough”.

I think beating up a woman no matter the provocation is unacceptable especially when the personality involved Is a distinguished senator. There is nothing distinguished or honorable in a man who throws punches at women.

It is also the height of unseriousness for a man as irresponsible as Melaye to be having sexual fantasies about other people’s wives.

I therefore Urge responsible male members of the senate to dissociate themselves from the shameful conduct of their colleague.



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