Hi guys, we know this is 9ja Voice site, but lets talk South African, SA, for a moment. SA, is home to MTN and DSTV (yeah, the 2 guys that always bleed us dry), also home to many cute big bum ladies and yeah, home to these two guys on your screen, Cassper and Boity. Huge celebrities they are in SA, but the only problem is that they are exes! Broke up in December! They used to be a superfly couple. School sweethearts I heard!

Even though everyone’s been secretly hoping that Boity and Cassper would patch things up- it’s not on the cards, it seems. Boity and Cassper’s whirlwind romance quickly became the envy of the town. From showing off their love to the world and making us all green with envy with that epic baecation, just like that their romance came to a halt. Even though the couple may have moved on and have safely left their romance in the past- not everyone seems to be ready to do the same, really?! They broke up last December, how could their fans not be over it by now?

A few months ago Cassper and Boity sparked rumours that they had made up and were an item again.

But speaking to Drum magazine Boity poured cold water on the claims.

“We can’t go according to what people would like. It’s not like we hate each other or are enemies. We have explained the reasons for the break-up, but we are still friends.” – Talk about being “Friend-zoned”

When asked by the publication if there was any chance that she and Cassper would reconcile, Boity played coy.

“We are not robots and it doesn’t matter now. I am very happy. I live in my pretty little home, I’ve got this cute little car and my work is going very well. I’m just a happy person.”

In another interview in March, when asked if Cassper cheated on her, Boity said: “Not once did I ever feel like he has cheated on me or giving someone else attention. There was never a time we fought about any girl, he was absolutely respectful towards me in terms of his female fans. Funny enough the female fans just showed me so much respect as well.”

On Cassper’s side, he’s got this “super” beef thing that has been going on with AKA like forever, that makes you wonder, if the guy might have been a 3rd nipple somewhere along the line! Just a thought.

Well, to my SA celebrities, here is a word of advice,”If you are going to get back together, please do. If not, then dont. Life is too short to keep playing games with anyone’s heart”.

And in some strange weird manner, the media keeps pushing these two together. They were made to battle it out in the first episode of Lip Sync! Fresh off a breakup and then they have your girl twerking all up in your face like its her birthday! Sorry, Cass…Africa’s got a ridiculous sense of humur



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