Yesterday, the president’s Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Femi Adesina featured on a phone-in programme on Raypower 100.5FM in Abuja and he claimed to be “living in the midst of the people and feeling their pulse regularly”, and that “those working in government can conclude that those critising Buhari were in the minority”.

Simply put, majority of Nigerians are “Happy” at the moment and that those people “complaining” are in the minority.

The price of fuel has risen dramatically over the last 3 months, to N145.
We are being forced to pay ridiculously high bills, for light we don’t enjoy.
The Naira is at an all time low. At the moment, the bank rate is N282 to a Dollar
Price of foodstuffs and cost of living is currently at an all time high
Salaries are not being paid, some states even owe as much as 8 months, while some are offering to pay 50%
Someone please tell me where this guy has been! We know his job is all about making the FG look good, but he doesn’t need to lie to get the job done. I would have expected him to say stuff like, apologize for the present hardship and tell us about the measures and steps taken by the government to make things better. Not to show up with a “ballsy”, blatant lie like all is well in the country.

We know Mr President is doing his best, many don’t see it that way, but a handful of us understand how difficult getting Nigeria back on track would be, and we do appreciate his effort. But don’t come lying to us and asking for statistics of Nigerians in hardship, its an insult to our collective intelligience and makes it seem the Presidency is unaware of the level of hardship we are going through at the moment.

Making the Government “look good” is your job, not making us “look stupid”, because it might only make you “look ignorant” of the plight of the people.


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