Hmm…wondaful (In Zebudaya’s Voice). Abeg, we country people, I greet una o! Maria Ude Nwachi, a Legislator in the Ebonyi State House of Assembly, who was a beneficiary of one of the Prado SUVs from the state governor earlier this week, has promised to sell her SUV and keep 200k while using the balance on her ongoing projects in her constituency.


“Best Chic Ever Liveth” toh sure gan! Hope say Mr Gomina no go vex for this one sha o… In these times, when everyone seems to be more concerned about changing their official cars, than running a government, someone could come up with this! In my opinion, I am short of words. In short, all I can say is that anyone who knows “Maria Ude Nwachi” should tell her that after she has finished representing her constituency, she should come and represent mine!

Here is what she said:

Honourable members of Ebonyi house of assembly were presented with swank brand new Prado SUVs each, on Thursday. It was really exciting. I was like WOW!! The cars are looking tempting, baddest and sooo mega hot. Soooo sooo yum-yum…

As yum-yum as the car looks, as baddest as the car looks, I will NOT drive it. The spoils of this car must be enjoyed by every living being and organism in Afikpo and even beyond. For Afikpo so love their daughter/mother, ‪#‎BCEL‬, that they stood their ground, made national history, by electing a political nobody like me, a person without a single political structure, no godfather, limited mula, no nothing, via a party, PPA, that did not even have an office in Ebonyi state. Unheard of! I remain the only elected member of PPA in the whole federation and the only member of a minority party in the entire Ebonyi state house of assembly. So what are we talking about here, this hot ride is yours biko. You no dey drag am with anyone. Na yours!!! Ooogini. Uka akpawo onwue.

This ride will be turned into liquids! The proceed will be used towards massive empowerment. Revolving loans, and to aid those in need of small funds to start a business or kick life into their businesses. A portion of it will go towards some of my on-going projects for the sweetest people of Afikpo. Onwe be nu gu ihe nji onwo mu emeee oooo. Na you be my mission. Period.

I will personally chop 200k of this liquid, what will I use it for? Buy as much wax/ankara as I want. Sow as many wax gowns and wrapper/blouse as I want, can’t sow enough of them. lol. Hey, I gotta have my own fun. Body no be fayawood.

Ahem, my Facebook constituency, you know how we do it, winkz. Na we we things nah. Your share dey there…Chill.

A special thank you to HE. Engr. David Nweze Umahi, my Right Honourable Speaker, and my fellow honourable members!!!

Note to all: This ride is our official entitlement. Literally every state in the federation has already given their honourable members their cars, Ebonyi is basically the last to do this. Our Governor was even under fire from various quarters for not having yet given us our own. This has been the norm since the advent of democracy in this nation. Ebonyi cannot be different. If any change has to be made; it has to be a national change. To those wondering if our Governor pays salaries, our governor is not among the state governor not paying salaries of workers.

Addendum: Winning election no easy oo. That is why there are less than 3000 people elected in the whole of this country. Every elected should be able to do what they want with their entitlement. I chose to do this because it is convenient with my lifestyle. It coincides with my person. And it is my personal choice. Do not judge others based on my personal choice because they also have their own way of doing good things for those they’re representing.

Dear Greatest Afikpo, your burden remains my burden, happily, joyfully! You ain’t see narrin yet, at all. I love you, madly,
Yours Truly,
Maria Ude Nwachi (Afikpo Chic).
#BCEL – Best Chic Ever Liveth.
Legislator- Ebonyi State House of Assembly.



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