Hi Guys… I bet by now everyone should have been aware of Brymo’s impression of the “Modern Day Blackman”. I really appreciate Brymo’s tweets, seriously I do! The guy usually provides an insight for me. His statements sometimes remind me of how ridiculously myopic, the human thinking faculty could be!


Let me show you what I mean: “Blacks need to make it a point to preach value in all that we do, not everyday money money money. Black people feel helpless but we are not..We are lazy and illogical!! On the grounds that we don’t solve our problems, we just play blame games… It’s in our homes and work place.” – Brymo said so! He also believes, “Black man suffers at home, black man suffers abroad. Black man suffers everywhere, black man likes to suffer.” Well, lets find out…He is a black man, does he like to suffer?


For those of you that don’t know Brymo;

Brymo is a 30 Year Old black man, raised in Okokomaiko, actually (So, he doesn’t really have a precise impression of the white man, while growing up, he grew up with us, fellow “Black men”)

Brymo dropped out from LASU, where he was studying Zoology

Brymo started singing in 1999,

Brymo became popular by singing the hook on Ice Prince’s Oleku, Brymo

Brymo got drummed out of Chocolate City under controversial circumstances

I don’t think Brymo has won any awards of repute in his 7year musical career

Oh! Just for the record, Brymo also said,”black people need to sit up. Music by black artistes should stop being about swag and champagne and hoes.” … For me, I would say that is relatively rich, coming from a guy whose last album was called “Klitoris”! And suddenly, this guy wants to tell me about the nature of a black man? Really! Don’t make me laugh. Sing your music make we hear word joor!


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