The time was 7.30 pm, the black SUV crept slowly in the dark, a black truck crawled respectfully behind it. The tint on the windows of both cars was heavy. The air was
misty and the road was clear, anyone driving around at this time was certainly on a mission.

The driver of the SUV looked out his rearview mirror, at the black truck behind while he listened subconsciously, to the soft music playing on the car stereo. He had a
lot on his mind, he always did. So much to make him forget that his companion, riding shotgun was talking. The driver was dark, handsome and had a toothpick sticking
out the corner of his mouth. His trademark. This was the scheming, intelligent, selfish Harrod Kadri. He always had a lot on his mind.

He thought of the 4 men in the truck behind, all ex-military men, all heavily armed, all expendable. After all, they were all paid to take a bullet for him. He thought
of his aide, riding shotgun, very much expendable too. To him, everyone was.

He drove past a few large hotels, then he slowed down as he drove passed a large club with a large Neon sign, “KBJ GRAND”, his old man’s club. He spotted a cocaine
white Maybach parked in front, meaning his old man was in town, then he looked harder and recognized a red mercerdes benz S-Class parked opposite the club. He knew the
owner, he knew she was sleeping with his dad, and most importantly, to him she was expendable.

He drove past a bridge and parked in front of a supermarket, exhaled heavily and came out. As usual he could feel the eyes on him, he stood 6 foot 4. He knew the
women always looked in admiration and the guys in jealousy. He looked across the road and saw a black jeep parked opposite the road, a man in black suit was standing
next to the car, he knew that car, and he knew the man inside the car. Probably the only man he has ever really feared.

He walked across the road and the man in suit opened the back door for him, Harrod briefly caught a glimpse of his pistol in its holster as he opened the door. He got
in and sat beside a man in his late sixties, smoking a cigar. He was dressed in a black kaftan and carried a walking stick. His name was General Zuka. His grandfather,
and probably where he inherited his calculating nature from.

“Good evening Sir”, Harrod greeted with a bow as he entered the car. The General smiled and said “Goodevening HK, how are you?” they shook hands and traded pleasantries
back and forth for a bit, then The General then picked up a thick black folder from the seat and handed it to Harrod.

“You need to be on a flight tonight to Malale Island, you would meet with Jerry, my PA, at the Twilight lounge before going and he would present you with something to
deliver to Coronel Litamen, he would meet you in the jet tonight. The League has decided to support him has requested. Give him the package and you would return back
by dawn.”

He noticed an uneasy look on Harrod’s face and asked,”What is wrong”

“I have an appointment in the next 30 minutes, I don’t know if I could meet that up before leaving?”, Harrod asked.

“Sure, just as far as you get to the airport before 11pm. Remember, its a 3 hour flight to Malale and you would need to get home and let your wife know you would be
gone for the night”, said General Zuka

Harrod nodded and said “I know, I won’t be late sir”. As he made to leave, the General handed him his pen and bade him goodnight.

Harrod rushed back across the road and into his car. He drove a few blocks and parked at an exclusive bar. He walked inside and sat down beside a bald, white man in
the VIP section. The man greeted him and they exchanged a few pleasantries. Then Jerry handed him a black leather briefcase.

As he picked it up, Jerry smiled and asked, “Do you want to know what’s inside?” Harrod paused and slowly turned to walk away, he knew Jerry would always spill it out.
Then Jerry said, “$200m in black diamonds”, then he smiled and added as he sipped his whiskey, “I’ve never seen nothing like it, its beautiful”.

Harrod walked away, as if it didn’t matter to him, but he smiled to himself, “poor old Jer, so predictable and so dumb. you can always expect him to
talk…”expendable” as everyone else”. As he walked out of the bar, he paused and threw away his grand dad’s pen.

He got into his car and drove a few more blocks then stopped. He got out and walked towards a pay phone, a man in a brown trench coat met him and said,” what took you
so long? Don’t you know as the Chief of police, I shouldn’t be seen in places like this”

Harrod said, “Am sorry Joshua, I had to run some errands. Has it been done?”
Joshua said, “Yes, and I want my balance now”. Harrod handed him a small brown envelope and said, ” Its all there. Wanna count? I hope you weren’t followed”.

“No way, I even had to go round the market twice just to make sure”, Joshua said.”We did it just as you ordered, all five containers were released into the sea”

“Good” said Harrod. Then they shook and said their goodbyes. As Harrod drove slowly in his car, he thought to himself, “fools. Inspector Joshua Kikala didn’t spot the
BMW following him all day, driven by an ex-con, who would see to it that the Chief of Police never made it home, and the ex-con never saw the white van, that was
following him all day to make sure he did his part, and then eliminated him when he was done and let him take the fall for Inspector Joshua’s murder, while making his
own death look like a suicide.”

He knew by the time he got home, he would be watching about Inspector Joshua’s murder on the news, “expendable”, each and everyone.

As he drove passed the KBJ GRAND, he noticed the Maybach was still there but the red Mercedes was gone. He drove slowly for a while and reached a residential area. He
drove into a large compound with a very large lawn and a mansion. Then he parked outside the mansion, he saw the same red Mercedes, parked neatly outside too.

A tall fair woman came out, holding a baby and greeted him. He greeted her back and took the baby. He walked inside the building and the lady went up the stairs. The
baby looked freshly fed and was fast asleep. The lady walking up the stairs was Harrod’s wife and the baby on his laps was their son, but to Harrod, the lady walking
up the stairs was “expendable” and so was the “bastard” on his laps.

Meanwhile, across town, a cell phone was ringing. General Zuka picked it up and the voice at the other end said, ” Sir, HK threw away the pen, we believe he may have known it was bugged”…. To be continued on Monday


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