An exclusive report has revealed that influential cleric, Chris Oyakhilome, who is the founding president of Believers’ Love world Incorporated a.k.a Christ Embassy, is considering taking another wife, years after his marriage to his lovely wife, Anita Oyakhilome collapsed.

Although the pastor hasn’t made this known to his congregation, close sources and findings, revealed that a large segment of his congregation are already aware of his plans to take another wife, and rather than urge him to reconcile with his wife, they are reportedly cheering him on.

Shockingly, it has also been learnt that the ladies have started positioning themselves to fill up the void created by Anita’s departure from his life, as a lot of fair-skinned ladies in the church’s branches at home and abroad have started jostling to become the next Mrs. Oyakhilome. But Pastor Chris is reportedly not interested in any of them.

Sources revealed that by the time he names his new bride, every member of his congregation will gape in surprise. The billionaire pastor allegedly gave up on his former wife when it became clear to him that there was no way that they could resolve their differences and save their marriage. Previous attempts to reconcile the couple by church elders, friends and family had proved futile.

While Pastor Chris prepares to take a new bride as widely speculated, his estranged wife, Anita has since reverted to her maiden name. She is now to be addressed as Anita Ebhodaghe.


Credit: PZI Media



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