First of all, I want to remind everyone that I am here to talk about what is “right” and not necessarily, what is “good”. I talk about “Justice” not the “Law”. So when folks write me and say “Lord Tony, some of the stuff you write about are actually not so legal”, putting it mildly, I would like to refer them to the about section and remind them that my opinion(s) shared are actually, a way of looking at things from a neutral point of view, I write “Objectively”.

Before we get into the business of the day, I want to quickly correct the impression, that prostitution is the oldest profession. It certainly isn’t! Who came up with that ridiculously, deluded idea? I guess the prostitutes themselves, in order to make them feel good about their jobs, but the buttomline is, “Prostitution, or Olosho, or Ashawo, or Runs babe, or whatever aliases they may call themselves these days, is NOT the Oldest profession!

The Bible says that Adam and Eve were driven from the Garden of Eden, then Adam became a farmer! There was no mention whatsoever, that Eve was ever a harlot! So from the bible, “Farming” is probably the oldest profession.

Just in case you are feeling “sciencey”, the evolution of man has no mention of “prostitution either. The early men were hunters, and all they needed to do was just whack a single chick on the head, with their club and bam, they take her home as wifey, if you believe in that sort of thing…No harlotry down that line either. Possibly, hunting was the earliest profession if you see things this way.

Stage 2…lets get right to the initial topic. That’s right, prostitution being an offence and all that. Sorry, lets not delve into that yet. We need to take a brief “detour”. I believe I speak for some when I say, there are too many laws in our society today. Aside the 10 commandments, and every other law in every other religious book, our society’s laws are actually numerous. Makes you want to rethink living in a society after all. There is even laws against sleeping… Wow, you can’t even nap around anywhere you like at night. You might find a nice cool spot no nap at night, and someone comes up and throws you right in jail for the night! Weed is a drug of choice, why should someone be imprisoned for smoking weed out of choice? Why jail someone for his/her choice of lifestyle? Oh, we don’t want you to destroy your life, so lets help you destroy it by throwing you in jail! There are even laws against suicide these days! You can’t simply, kill yourself and leave us all to live with our numerous laws! No surprise the prisons are packed full!


Prostitution is a very tricky situation and I am yet to understand why we have to go through so much stress and spend so much to stop it. Imagine a young lady (or guy, cos the male prostitutes can pretty much match the ladies in number), couldn’t have the luxury of a good education, probably had an abusive parent, couldn’t find a job. If such a person doesn’t earn, she might die of starvation in this modern day world of ours. Then she discovers, she could sleep with men, for money. Not robbing, not killing, sleeping with men, to survive, not because she is proud to do it, but she needs to eat, to live and to put food on her table, she’s got to sleep with men! Then, someone has the sick idea that it would do the society a world of good to throw her is jail! You should see stunts some rich women do for fun, then the ones that do it for survival end in jail!

In certain parts of the world, prostitution is legal to an extent, and taxed for National Income. I think every society should by that idea. The UK Guardian has it that, ” Prostitution added around £5.65bn to the economy in 2013, and illegal drugs £6.62bn, while hairdressers, salons and other forms of personal grooming contributed £5.8bn to our national output…, Germany, Hungary, Austria and Greece already include prostitution but not drugs in their national accounts, while the Netherlands already counts sales from marijuana and other recreational drugs in its economic output”. Can you imagine how much impact taxing prostitution could impact on the economy and the lifestyle of the nation.

Believe it or not, prostitution might not be the oldest profession but its a very old one. You can’t stop prostitution by laws, you would only create an avenue for prostitutes to make illegal payments to the police, in other words, bribes! Prostitution was here when we were all born and sure as hell going to outlive us, so we might as well make money from the prostitution industry while we are here.



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