The Supreme Court of Nigeria on Friday affirmed the appointment of Oba Mufutau Gbadamosi Esuowoye as the Olofa of Ofa in Kwara state.The Apex court, today, in a unanimous decision held that the appointment of the traditional ruler by the Kwara state Government was in line with the customs and tradition of the people of Offa. In the leading judgment delivered by Justice Samuel Walter Onnooghen, the apex court agreed with the claim of Oba Gbadamosi Esuroye that Anilelerin is the only authentic ruling house that can ascend the thrown of Olofa. The apex court, therefore, voided the claim of Olugbense as a ruling house in Offa on the ground that there was no history to that effect. The court also dismissed the claim of the Olugbense family on the purported principle of rotation between Anilelerin and Olugbense ruling houses, adding that if there was rotation as claimed by the Olugbense family, the principle of rotation would have taken up before the ascension of the immediate past Olofa, Oba Mustapha Olawore Olanipekun.



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