“If God doesn’t soon bring judgment upon America, He’ll have to go back and apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah!”- This statement credited to Ruth Graham, wife of Billy Graham. Curiously, the US was not the first country to adopt same-sex marriage but so far it seems to have more same sex marriages than anywhere else. Homosexuality is very much a crime in Nigeria, let alone “same sex marriages”. So this article is basically for those countries where same sex marriages are legal.

So that out of the way, let’s get down to our topic proper. Let’s start from the religious perspective, as usual we would be objectively and unbiased in our approach. The 2 major religions in this planet are Christianity and Islam, their stand on Homosexuality is that Homosexuality is wrong. Dr. Muzammil Siddiqi of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) said, “Homosexuality is a moral disorder. It is a moral disease, a sin and corruption. No person is born homosexual, just like no one is born a thief, a liar or murderer. People acquire these evil habits due to a lack of proper guidance and education.”


In my opinion, based on Dr. Siddiqi’s approach, committing a child to a homosexual home is one way of condemning him/her to a future of homosexuality right from birth. When a child sees both his parents as being gay right from the get go, the tendency for the child to end up gay is obviously very high. So homosexuality is a “no” on religious lines and committing a child to a pair of homosexual parents would only increase the homosexual population in our societies. It is a very bad idea exposing kids to such things right from birth.

Next is the social stigma such a child would face while growing up. The humanity hasn’t really embraced the principle of homosexuality and yes, some people still frown at it. You can’t blame these guys, can anyone name another animal on this planet that carries out intercourse with the same-sex, apart from hermaphrodites? Schooling could sometimes be tough of kids, all the bullying and stuff going on. You can imagine how stigmatized the child would be when everyone in school knows that his/her parents are gay.

Even when the child isn’t stigmatized at school, I don’t still see a homosexual home as an ideal home to raise kids. The norm is that a home is made up of a father, mother and kids. Adoption on its own is already tough on kids but finding out that the family adopting you is a couple of homosexuals, then lets just call that a double trauma. Imagine growing up with 2 fathers or 2 mothers, it tends to unsettle the balance of the system. Kids are very sensitive and when there is no balance in the home, they usually turn up not so good when they grow up, apart from the ones who are strong enough to carry on.


When the child grows up in a home with so much imbalance, even if he turns out straight, he might not really get along so well with his wife. Yes, he was raised in a hope with 2 guys and no mum, so how can he really know how to treat a woman. I understand some kids grow up without their mothers, like in the case of those from broken homes, but most of the time those kids don’t turn out so well either. The tendency for a kid who was raised in a failed marriage, to also go through a failed marriage when the time comes is very high.

I strongly believe that from this analysis, adoption rights shouldn’t be given to gay couples.



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