They say the rich also cry, a good example of this is the mysterious story of Chief Benson Kadri. A foremost industrialist and 4th generation ivy league product. He was born with blue blood running in his veins, his grandfather was one of the members of a hereditary cabal that decides the running of the country. Fourteen of the most powerful men in the continent came together and called themselves the Diamond League.

The Diamond league has over the years been a force to reckon with in Africa. They have installed and removed several heads of states and had total control over the resources of several countries. They decide who rules and who doesn’t. They received royalties from various nations and no one in their right frame of mind would want to cross any of their members. Membership was strictly hereditary. The first son or daughter of each member family was automatically a member and would occupy the family stool in the Diamond League. The children of the members were encouraged to inter-marry so the flow of power remained within the member families.

Chief Kadri was the leader of this club and money was not a problem to this rich and powerful man. However, his love for women, was his flaw. He was tall, dark and very handsome. Women used to flock around him when he was younger, and they still did till now. He was every woman’s dream man and he knew it. He loved women of different shapes and sizes. He was an epitome of promiscuity.

When he was younger, he fell in love with a girl from a poor household, Loveth. His dad, Sir Abednigo Kadri got to hear about his son’s affair through his reliable network of spies and he told his son to put an end to the affair. When young Benson refused, he approached the girl’s father, Suraj, with a huge offer to make sure his daughter stayed away from his son. The old man accepted, but by then Loveth was already pregnant for Benson.

She gave birth to a son, Michael but she died during the delivery. The boy bore a striking resemblance to his dad and his dad was very proud of him. He loved him more than life itself. Only his son could fill the vacuum created in his life by the demise of the love of his life. Shortly after Michael was born, Old Sir Abednigo passed away too. On his death-bed, he instructed his lawyers to make sure that Michael got nothing in his will because he did not recognize him as being part of the Kadri lineage.

A few years later, Chief Benson got married to Justina, the daughter of General Zuka, a member of the Diamond League and a very fierce man. Justina was his only daughter and the apple of his eyes. He was very pleased that his only daughter was getting married to the new head of the Diamond League and on the wedding day he made sure several heads of state were around. It was a very colourful ceremony.

Chief Benson and Justina had 2 sons, Harrod and Benson Junior (BJ). Harrod was very quiet and cunning, perhaps too cunning and crafty too. From when he was young, he had learnt to predict people’s action and reactions before he made a move. BJ on the other hand was a playboy, loved to fly round the globe and throw lavish parties. He had his father’s good looks and charm and he was also as promiscuous as his dad, perhaps more promiscuous. He was friendly with everyone and simply lived for fun. His dad loved him too because he was likeable by everyone and honest to a fault. When he turned 20, his dad bought him a Rolls Royce Wraith, with the number plate “BJ-Thunder”.

Chief Benson loved his family but he loved Michael more. Michael was raised by his mum’s father, Suraj. He was taught to be industrious, and hardworking. When he finished school, he joined the army and made it to the rank of Major before he got injured in a freak accident, while on active service. He was released and went to work with his grand dad, Suraj. Suraj had built a small business network for himself with the money Sir Abednigo Kadri had given him. He imported cars for sale and was a very shrewd businessman. He made sure he taught Michael very well. After a few years, Suraj died and Michael became head of the company, Suje Cars. He improved their services and expanded the business more than his grandfather had done.

He loved his father and even though he was raised by Suraj, he always had a soft spot for his dad. His dad on the other hand was always happy to have him around. Whenever he was in a bad mood, he would drive over to Michael’s house and take him to the club house for a game of lawn tennis, and he would feel much better afterwards. His wife Justina, was jealous of Michael and Chief Benson’s affection for the young man. She wanted to destroy him because she wanted her eldest son, Harrod to take his father’s seat at the table with the Diamond League. Needless to say she was very rich and powerful by her own rights. Michael got along well with BJ, in fact they were quite close, but Harrod was a different kettle of fish, actually Harrod never really loved or trusted anyone.

This is a story about love, jealousy, distrust and treachery. This is a story about one rich man’s dilemma, a jealous and powerful wife, a very cunning son, a friendly one and a noble son… How their lives got intertwined… This is the story of Love and Power….to be continued next week


This short story is completely fictional and the characters used are not referring to anyone dead or alive. It is just a fictional work of art of 9ja Voicesite.


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