This is an age-long controversial topic and till date, no one has been able to come out with a comprehensive reason as to “why men cheat”. Before I go further, let me state that women cheat also (Oh so well), but I am only here to talk about the guy’s perspective. In order to effectively do so, I am certainly compelled to betray the rest of my gender and speak objectively from a neutral point of view.

So, why so men cheat? Is it because they are currently involved with a partner they don’t love? This is the truth in some cases, but not all the time. You see, when a relationship gets passed the “honeymoon” stage, sometimes, it tends to lose some of the initial flare and this could make couples grow tired of one another. If nothing is done to rekindle the romance, one or both parties might end up having an extramarital affair. This is no excuse, in my opinion because if you truly love your partner, there would always be a small voice at the corner of your heart that would certainly keep you from cheating.

Love aside, some men love their wives and still end up cheating. naturally, men are aroused by what they see, it’s a general phenomenon and is the basic reason why a guy would go after a woman in the first place. Some men are attracted by a beautiful face, or a woman with large bosoms or big breasts, you name it. So when they see a woman, with the features they are attracted to, the mind tends to “undress” her and the initial thought would be like, “Oh, she’s sexy, I wonder how she looks without these clothes”… Then there is the urge to find out.

Please believe me when I say the seductive dressing of most females these days doesn’t help the male folk either, especially in the work place, when you see each other almost everyday. A little show of your cleavage could send a man into a cheating frenzy, especially if the lady is probably a subordinate or possible a student in your class, or someone you have authority over, like your maid. So when you see part of the “assets” and you know the goods can be yours for the asking, you might just be bound to fall for it.

Sometimes, the women go all out to just tempt the guys into cheating, yeah and its called seduction. Some women can hardly keep the details of their partner’s sexual prowess to themselves, so they tell their friends, just to brag about the whole thing. However, after spilling the beans to such friends, sometimes the friends would like to “test the beans”, and the way to do is, is by making advances at the guy. There you go, hubby might just fall for it.

Another reason is when a partner is lousy in bed. If a man doesn’t enjoy sex with his partner, it’s an open invitation to go all out and cheat. Perhaps, she is not as adventurous as he wants our she can’t give it to him how he wants it. He might just end up going out to have it anyway he wants it. Some even do it because they are starved of sex.

Lets talk money, sometimes a man might be forced to cheat with a woman whom he requires some sort of financial favor from, not because he desires her, but because he desires a monetary favor from her. We call them gigolos. After they get what they want, they usually run from the relationship but it’s still cheating.

Friendship also matters a lot. If a guy has a circle of friends that are hardcore womanizers, trust me he is bound to cheat someday. When he sees his closest pals doing it all day and never get caught, he might be tempted to try it out so he can be at par with the rest of his crew.


Having stated all these, lets not forget some men are born promiscuous. It doesn’t matter how good-looking you are, they are bound to cheat on you. Not because they don’t love you but they’ve got this insatiable need to have sex with anyone forthcoming. Sometimes, the women they cheat with are not even as good looking as their wives. These ones turn their heads 360 degrees even when driving just to admire a lady and probably just wink at her.

In my opinion, you can work towards having a “cheat-free” union by always keeping your marriage spicy, keeping what goes on “behind closed doors”, behind closed doors! and loving your partner for who she is, and not just for her looks and always weighing the consequences of getting involved in an extra-marital affair, if you ever get tempted.


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