A mentally deranged man beheaded a 70-year year old farmer on Tuesday, June 28 at Akpafu-Menpease in the Hohoe municipality of the Volta region, Ghana.
The suspect identified as Emmanuel Kadidze, 56, was said to have murdered Samuel Okiti in the early hours of Tuesday, while he was on his way to the farm.

mad man

Kadidze, who is believed to be mentally unstable was seen roaming the street with the head of the victim, which called attention of people.
“When we went to the scene, we saw that he dismembered the body into parts, therefore carrying the head around,” an eyewitness said.
Residents mustered courage and accosted him before handing him over to the Police, who have commence investigations into the incident. Kadidze, is said to have been battling a mental condition for some time now, which has seen him in and out of prayer camps.


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