This has been a season of resigning and retirements…Cameron, Hodgson, Mascherano, Messi, yup the same Messi.

Lionel Andrés Messi is arguably the best footballer on the planet and one of the most decorated too. He has achieved everything a player can hope to achieve. Actually, that could only be said for his club performances. Messi has what it takes to keep playing till he is 40! He loves the sport with a passion that only comes naturally. I always feel the guy who scouted Messi at 13, should be given some sort of award for foresight.

So, that being said, lets get it straight that Messi still hasn’t won a World Cup for his country, infact apart from his 2005 Fifa World Youth Championship and his 2008 Olympic medal, he has always been a “Runner up” with Argentina. In my opinion, Messi’s retirement isn’t going to be for long. First, the guy is 29! He still has at least half a decade of international football in him. He is a midfielder and his fitness is to the roof. Trust me, retirement isn’t an option yet.

Messi’s closest rival, Cristiano Ronaldo hasn’t considered retirement yet, so why should he?

In 2018, Messi would be in the World Cup with Argentina, because Argentina would qualify and if they play the same way they have done in this Copa America, they might just clinch the title, especially when you consider the way the Big European sides are playing in this present EURO 2016 tournament. He might even be in the next Copa America! Do you really think he would be watching from the stands with the fans!!

When the time comes, even the President of Argentina would insist on his return. Messi’s fans would probably knock out his twitter page when the time comes! I know I would be sending him a few tweets when its time.

For now, the guy is probably pissed, but when he cools down, he would be back “nutmegging” defenders (his specialty) for the Argentine National team….Viva Messi!


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