A mother whose daughter was killed by her husband in a murder-suicide, has been awarded €65,000, after human rights judges backed her complaint against Turkey.

They ruled that Turkish authorities did not effectively protect the life of Fatma Babatlı before she was kiiled by her husband in 2008. The case concerned the death of Kılıç’s daughter, Babatlı, who was killed by her husband despite having lodged four complaints and obtained three protection orders and injunctions.


By failing to punish the failure by Fatma Babatlı’s husband to comply with the orders issued against him, the national authorities had deprived the orders of any effectiveness, thus creating a context of impunity enabling him to repeatedly assault his wife without being called to account.

The court also found it unacceptable that Fatma Babatlı had been left without resources or protection when faced with her husband’s violent behaviour and that in turning a blind eye to the repeated acts of violence and death threats against the victim, the authorities had created a climate that was conducive to domestic violence.

Credit: Human Rights Europe


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