You won’t expect a lady to pee the same way a guy does. No, certainly not, and if a lady tries to pee like a guy, it doesn’t usually end right. Before we delve into today’s topic, we need to establish the fact that, men and women are the same species but have very different characteristics. Hold on to that piece of info, we might need it shortly.

Marriage is the legally or formally recognized union of a man and a woman (am not speaking for the queers on this one) as partners in a relationship. In other words, when a man and a woman, come before an authority and “agree” with one voice that they have “decided” to live the rest of their lives together as one, no matter what. I guess we can all appreciate the gravity of this “decision”. First, if both parties aren’t given the opportunity, to make this “decision” on their own, the marriage is dead on arrival. For instance, if the marriage was put together by both parents, there is a great possibility that such union would not last long. The decision needs to be made by both partners, in order for the union to have a greater chance of survival.


Before both partners decide, to have this “joint” future, it is very important that they undergo a lot of prayers. Its only natural to commit your union into God’s hands. He knows the future and he alone has the power to keep your marriage in one piece and help your marriage grow. This is very important.


You shouldn’t under any circumstances be rushed into marriage…No, absolutely not. Not on account of age, or financial gain or something else. No, you should be ready to get married before getting committed. Pay less attention to people who urge you to get married “on time”, they won’t be the ones to live the rest of their lives with your spouse. The wedding is just an occasion to celebrate the beginning, the real job is staying married and when you get married, tailor your mind to staying married. In other words, jump in with both feet, it shouldn’t be your goal to consider an exit strategy, even before you get it.

A key element to a successful marriage is, understanding your partner. Believe me when I say, if you don’t understand your partner, your marriage would become just one big misunderstanding. Some people say, their relationship failed because, they didn’t know their partner was like this, or like that, or whichever. The point is before committing to your partner, you just have to “know” them, like really know them! Make it a job to completely know them.

A leopard doesn’t lose its spots because it is raining. Never expect people to change completely. Back to our first point, in this article “men and women are different”, some men are very violent, if you happen to find yourself shackled by love to a violent man, please don’t expect him to change and if he is ever going to change, then don’t expect the change to be immediate. If a guy beats you during your courtship period, then you shouldn’t expect different after marriage. If your spouse was addicted to infidelity during courtship, get ready to live with their infidelity after marriage (this actually goes for both men and women).


The level of infidelity among our generation’s couples is at an all time high and I believe the Social Media plays a pivotal role. Our parents never had Facebook, or Instagram, infact all they had were landline phones. These days, guys see nothing wrong in sending love quotes and love poems to married women and their husbands don’t get to know. Am telling you guys, “It goes down in the DM” (according to Yo Gotti’s song), it really does. Unlike the good old days, it was quite hard for home wreckers to gain access to other people’s wives, now its as easy as logging into your social media account.


Sometimes, marriages fail due to financial commitments…Yeah, same old story, guy goes broke and wife leaves. Any marriage that fails because of money was actually a sham to start with…Topic for another discussion.

But after all is said and done, the number one cause of failed marriages is “Infidelity”…..TO BE CONTINUED.



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