the United States of America, USA Ambassador to Nigeria, James F Entwistle wrote to Yakubu Doga­ra, Speaker of the House of Representatives alleging that Samuel Ikon, (Akwa Ibom), Mohammed Gololo( Bauchi) and Mark Gbillah( Benue) engaged in inappropriate sexual behavior while attending the Leader­ship Visitor Programme in the USA in April this year.

He said Gololo grabbed a Housekeeper in his hotel room and solicited for sex, while the other two asked a car park attendant to assist in procuring the services of prosti­tutes. The Lawmakers have since denied the allegation, while Dogara requested for more evidence, even as he set up a committee to investigate it.

The Visa of the lawmakers had since been cancelled by the US authorities. Barring the huge interest the scandal has generated, new evidence suggests that the 10 lawmakers on the trip were interrogated before they re­turned to Nigeria in April. Those who were interrogated included the deputy chairman of the House Committee on Media and Pub­lic affairs, Jonathan Gaza Gbewfi; chairman of the committee on Diaspora Affairs, Rita Orji, Ayo Omidiran, Nkole Ndukwe and Damburam Abubakar. Sunday Sun learnt that the claim by the affected lawmakers that they only learnt about the allegation on their return to Nigeria is false.

It was further learnt that the US State De­partment is in possession of more than just verbal evidence against the three men. Ikon, who said he almost could not make the trip because of a crippling Malaria/ Typhoid ail­ment, added in a tint of melodrama that, apart from being an elder in his church for over a decade, he does not have the physical strength for sex.

Ikon has also promised to make the evidence available, and wondered why the US govern­ment did not give him fair hearing before con­cluding that he was involved in the sex scandal. His colleague, Gbillah, while also denying said “ For my colleagues who don’t know me and Nigerians out there, I want to categorically state here, for any avoidance of doubt that no such incident occurred. I want my colleagues and the nation to understand that though we are in the eye of the storm, we shall carry this cross, and courageously too.”

He continues: “ I only have eyes for my wife. I have never cheated on her. I wish she were in this chamber to testify to this. I went on this trip with my wife, and my baby. I travel everywhere I go with my wife and baby”. Amidst the row generated by the sex scandal, many Nigerians and groups have called for proper investigation of the incident and if they are found culpable, they should be punished. In its own reaction, a Non- Governmental Organization, the Center for Children’s’ Health Education, Orientation and Protection, CEE- HOPE urged the govern­ment to take the allegations seriously and not sweep it under the carpet. In a statement signed by its Executive Director, Betty Abbah, the group described the alleged acts of the lawmak­ers as an international embarrassment. “These allegations cast a very dark cloud of moral bankruptcy, not only on the three fingered law­makers, not only on the National Assembly, but also on our national integrity.

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