This morning after the results of the Brexit elections were made public, several a couple of things were on my mind. Obviously, the first was the implications of the result on the global scene as well as the economic changes to follow. Then a few people blessed with the gift of “in-depth thinking”, like me would be concerned about the Prime Minister David Cameron’s decision to resign. Why should he?

Yes! Why on earth should he? He is British (not that he was a foreigner in the UK), then why should he resign, under what appears to be no pressure, what so ever to do so? Actually, it was a shocking decision. He said, “The will of the British people is an instruction that must be delivered”. It didn’t seem like he was in anyway, “incapable” of delivering the “instruction” of the people. After all, he has been “steering the ship” for over 6 years now, so why quit now?

It should be worthy of note that there is a long list of political office holders, especially outside Africa, who at one time or the other, voluntarily resigned in office. Not because they were forced to, but because they were compelled by some kind of personal conviction to do so. In Africa, we have had leaders in power for decades, been through all kinds of mind blowing scandals, and no, they still sit tight! Some even steer their countries into civil war just because they love to “sit tight”


In Nigeria, the norm is that when things don’t go your way, you come out and blame your “Political Detractors”. Absolutely right, there is always someone to blame so the bulk doesn’t come near your desk. No one apologizes and resigns, no one even takes the blame. As far as “blames” go, we out here in Nigeria thrive on trading blame. This is why I still have the utmost respect for the past president Goodluck Jonathan. When he found out he had lost, he called his opponent to congratulate him and made plans to hand over. Curiously, some rather “dim-witted” fellow, still accuse him of being weak for not contesting the results!

Back to the “sit tight” mentality of our African leaders,we have seen Idi Amins, Mobutu Sesekos and we still have Mugabe though and we have, Obiang Mbasogo, President of Equatorial Guinea since 1979, recently elevated his son to the post of Vice President! In my opinion, daddy is getting old, so we need to set things in motion so the “crown prince” can take over, talk about royalty. How convenient! Are we to believe that there is no other person, in Equatorial Guniea, capable of doing a better job of running the affairs of that country, within the last 37 years??? No One??? Its a heartbreaking thought.

The way I see it, Africa, as a continent would have been better placed if we had more selfless leaders, and our leaders were a little bit more inclined to take responsibility than they do now, perhaps Africa would have been a much better place than this.


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