There must always be drama in 9ja. Hmm, I don’t mean “home videos” o, I mean real drama.
One day, I was browsing o, jeje like that. Then I saw an article about our dear Oluwa-Burna, having a babymama and vehemently denying that he has a babymama!
Actually, you have to assume that somebody had to be lying.


Then out of the blue, just like that pregnancy was off. The thing is, how did the story come out in the first place? In my opinion, I believe Burna Boy should know when he has impregnated someone, and its certainly not supposed to be everyone’s business.

For me, the whole thing when south for Uju Stella when she insulted Burna Boy’s mum on twitter. Yea, we may be in a “Westernized” society, but we will always be Africans, and one of the basic rules of being an African is that we are always thought to respect our elders. Its an absolute no no…

I don’t really care much about Burna Boy’s response to bloggers, like I asked, who came out with the initial story in the first place?


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