For some time now, this has been a very contentious issue.Its been debated internationally and quite controversial too. I spent most of my afternoon seeking opinion and I finally realized that sorting this out would probably take a while, and enlightening people would take longer.

Let me start by saying this: BLOGGERS ARE NOT JOURNALISTS! And I would advise anyone who believes a blogger is one to get his/her facts straight. That you write a blog doesn’t make you a Journalist. Blogging came into existence well into the computer age as a matter of fact, the term “weblog” was introduced by Jorn Barger in 1997. Blogging isn’t even up to two decades old! Journalism has been in around since pretty much the 17th Century, when the newspaper was established.

Journalists are trained professionals, anyone can blog. They travel round and meet people and so on. For example, how many bloggers have you guys seen gathering information at the war front? Journalist travel places. Bloggers write what they think, they write their personal opinion. Journalists write the news, their opinion doesn’t matter. Journalists have strict policies to follow, because they work under an establishment, which has laid down guidelines for them to follow. Bloggers “blog” on their own terms.

The bottomline is that, a piece of journalism, even an editorial or opinion piece, written by a trained and ethical journalist, at least attempts to give opposing sides or viewpoints an opportunity to respond before the article or program is published. A blogger just publishes, one-sided or not, assuming that if anyone wants or needs to respond they can do so in the comments.

This research isn’t finished, not by a long shot…To be continued


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