Let me start by reminding you guys, that Ayo Fayose, Governor of Ekiti state, is not new to controversy. The man is arguably the most controversial governor in the country and sometimes, I get the feeling that’s how he catches his “trips”. If anyone thinks Fayose just became controversial under the Buhari-Administration then ask Fayemi. Fayose is always on the news, that it makes you wonder if how he actually finds the time to govern his state.

Earlier this month, he became the first governor to go on “strike”, and he called it a “sympathy strike” with HIS state workers, because ironically, “HE” hasn’t paid their entitlement! Sometimes, you get lost in the news of his State House of Assembly Members trying to impeach him, that you lose count. Yes, the man has got guts, it has to be said. But the problem is, “guts” is not what we need right now, we need more focus. I haven’t been to Ekiti in a while but I can tell that all is not well with the average Ekiti man. Even if I can’t specify why, but for the obvious fact that doctors in the state have not been paid for 5 months and are currently on strike, then trust me when I say they aren’t so happy.

In the midst of all these adventurous moves made by Fayose, what he is most noted for is being critical of the Presidency. He is always on the news, criticising the actions of the presidency. It’s like a situation where I wake up in the morning and abandon my chores and the first thing I can think of doing, is to come and fight you in your own house, so your house would be untidy like mine. In the past, the President has always ignored him until now. Even when the whole China saga was going on, he just proved that he was extremely bitter with the progress made that he would even try to jeopardize the interests of the nation in his quest to do so. The same “Peter the rock”, who accused the President of trying to “islamize” Nigeria!

The way I see it, the decision of the EFCC to freeze Fayose’s account would always be illegal, without the approval of the court! We agree that the EFCC is dedicated to fighting corruption, but the fight becomes corrupt if it’s not properly tailored within the ambits of the Law. It does not matter if the National Budget was transferred into Fayose’s personal account, but as long as the decision to freeze his personal account was not sanctioned by the relevant court, then it becomes illegal. When actions are carried out without the approval of the court, then it makes all effort at sanitizing the system no more than a personal vendetta.

Then Fayose decided to try a “low-blow”, he went after the wife of the President. He held a press conference and had his Special Assistant on New Media, Lere Olayinka, circulate copies of a court document which named one Aisha Buhari as being involved in a certain, Jefferson in the Halliburton scandal. Personally, Aisha Buhari is not my president, and my President had explicitly stated that there is no “Office of the First Lady” in his administration. So basically, Fayose wants the world to lose sleep over “Another man’s wife”?? Not a Minister, not even a Director-General of any parastatal, he wants us to be bothered by the actions of the wife of the president!

I refused to write about the allegation earlier because like I said earlier, she’s just the Wife of the President and isn’t a government official. However, since Premium Times reported that Ibrahim Lamorde (Ex-EFCC boss) said he was the head of operations during the time and can authoritatively say the Aisha Buhari mentioned was not related to the president’s family. Then I knew something was up. Guys, please examine closely, the 2 pictures below and tell me in what universe those two people could possibly be the same person!

I know, I felt the same way too. Fayose is barking at a tree that might fall on him. I know how civilized opposition act, in civilized societies but this is a brand new low, even for Fayose himself. I know he should be aggrieved about his account issues with the EFCC, but going after an innocent woman with no strings to the daily running of the Government machinery like this, is very sour. We understand “politics, might be a dirty game” but that doesn’t mean it must be a “disgusting” game too.

Here is to wishing Fayose all the best in his attack on the Presidency, but while he is at it, I would like to know if he realises just how short a 4 year tenure could sometimes be.


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